Let the fieldwork begin!

I am excited to begin my exploration of Swaziland culture and exercise my love for conversation and writing. While working as a fieldworker I expect to learn characteristics unique to Swaziland and alter my own, most likely incorrect,  views of modern day Africa. Thankfully my partner, Muhle, is a friend and fellow soccer player. Our friendship will ensure honest information and fun dialogue! I am not particularly scared or nervous about this project because I truly enjoy talking with people and learning about new traditions and different culture. I am a  very social person and believe that my strengths as a communicator and writer will only enhance my fieldwork experience. While I am confident in these areas, I do not always listen well or retain  information. I plan to work on this weakness by facilitating the conversations in a way that encourages Muhle to speak freely while I listen and record. I also plan on tape recording all of our meetings in order to best represent his culture and our conversations. Ultimately, I am excited for the challenges and new information that this fieldwork project is sure to bring and I can not wait to begin!


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